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Fix the Ryzen freezes

For the love of god, it's the least you can do for people who built their PCs around your ecosystem and have no alternative software. Honestly this is a class action suit waiting to happen.

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  • Aug 3 2021
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  • Sven Mehnert commented
    24 Sep 01:20pm
    The beta works for me. I had the first freeze over a year ago when I was building a new PC (Ryzen 5800X). It took a lot of nerve to even find out what the problem was. It just helped deinstall and wait. A year later you finally managed to stop the CAM from freezing my system. Much too late, but nice that you made it anyway.
  • Doug Jacobs commented
    23 Sep 03:02pm

    I've been crash free and 100% stable since installing 4.30.0-b.5. Previously I was getting the weird lockups where the mouse still moved but couldn't actually click anything, launch taks manager to kill processes, etc.

    Hopefully this bug is gone for good now!

  • Guest commented
    19 Sep 04:22pm

    it only starts after the First Reboot, the Services that monitor Hardware Stats is what causing it. will you jest make one to control the Led module

  • Guest commented
    17 Sep 11:24pm

    could this be causing my pc to crash when running games? ive been having issues recently and am on ryzen, but have experienced no freezes. thanks :)

  • James Atkins commented
    15 Sep 09:40pm

    OH THANK GOD AT LEAST SOMETHING IS IN PROGRESS! i've been dealing with this since i bought my machine... in OCTOBER OF 2020. which is absolutley unacceptable that anyone had to wait any amont of time, let alone months, for a fix. looks like the beta is still crashing, so i will keep an eye out for the next push. i had to uninstall CAM from my PC and hope and pray nothing melts.

  • Mike Wilhelm commented
    13 Sep 06:13am

    Install beta -> set all setting and instant freeze. 👍🏻

  • Doug Jacobs commented
    12 Sep 04:11pm

    I haven't experienced any freezes yet, fingers crossed the issue is resolved. That said, my machine was off for ~7 days while I was away. When I got home, all of my profiles were gone.. version 4.30.0-b.4. When I installed the beta, all profiles from the prod version were available and usable, now they are just.. gone?

  • Admin
    Carolyn Stocki commented
    10 Sep 07:26pm

    Thanks for keeping us updated with this feedback, everyone! We appreciate it a lot.

    We're specifically focused on solving all of the freezing issues at the moment. While it's looking like this update resolved the majority of them, a couple of people are still experiencing freezing in the beta.

    Alfredo, you and the most recent guest user are our first 2 reports of freezing still occurring in the beta. If you're willing to help us get to the root of this problem, please send me an email at We have a list of questions specifically around your system specs and the software you're running concurrent with CAM that would greatly help us in diagnosing your issue. You can also join our NZXT Discord and talk to myself, CAM Engineers, and other users in the CAM-feedback and CAM-beta-feedback channels.

    Thanks, and I hope to hear from y'all!
    --Carolyn, CAM Product Manager

  • Guest commented
    10 Sep 12:10pm
    After updated to beta version freezes still occurs on games, movies etc. can't sometimes even open a app or program or restart pc (start menu don't work)its like explorer.exe stop working. Spec : Ryzen 5 3600 kraken x62 v.2 Rtx 2600 S
  • Guest commented
    7 Sep 06:26am

    I cant get my Gif to work because it flashed between upload picture and loading, its so buggy and it was a big reason for me to buy this cooler.

  • Alfredo Morales commented
    5 Sep 06:09pm

    I´m using beta vesion, but the crashes continue, even more. I was watching videos on windows media player and my pc it froze. I have amd 5600x......the bug continue....

  • Guest commented
    5 Sep 02:06pm
    I used a google translator so my english might be shit
    Anyway, I'm using the beta right now, but frankly, the beta also seems unstable.
    When I set the cam to minimize mode, sometimes the temperature display on the display panel stops.
    If you are the king of coolers, you should act like a king.
    No matter how good a car is, if the software is shit, it's natural to hate riding.
    This is my first nzxt cooler, but if it doesn't solve this, it will be my last nzxt product.
  • Kenneth Xu commented
    3 Sep 04:19am

    Testing the BETA with Destiny 2, CyberPunk, Videos on youtube via Chrome, no issues as of yet.

  • Jessie Wilson commented
    2 Sep 08:00pm

    Testing the BETA. So far I haven't had any freezes on my computer due to this. It usually happens a couple times a day, so we'll see how it does.

    Suggestion: Why don't you guys make a lite version of the program. That only adjusts the RGB/Fan speeds and cut out all the extra overclocking and random junk that no one uses. Even monitoring anything extra other then CPU/MB temps isn't needed. In other words, debloat the software. NO one and I mean NO one is going to overclock their stuff with the NZXT CAM GUI.

    Anyone that's serious is going to use their GPU software (usually MSI afterburner) and for CPU it's going to be done in the BIOS/RyzenMaster.

  • Admin
    Carolyn Stocki commented
    2 Sep 06:57pm

    Hello! My name is Carolyn and I'm one of the new Product Managers here at NZXT working on CAM.

    As Doug mentioned (thanks, Doug!), I'm happy to report that we've pushed a potential fix to the freezing issues in our Beta version of CAM for testing (beta version 4.30.0). This fix is specifically targeting AMD CPUs, but may resolve other freezing issues as well.

    If you would like to be a beta tester for this issue, you can download CAM Beta at and click the "Download CAM Beta" button at the bottom.

    Please continue to post, comment, and upvote here on our board! We value your feedback and appreciate your patience while we work towards resolving this issue.


  • Doug Jacobs commented
    2 Sep 12:28pm

    4.30.0 beta is out, which supposedly addresses this, at least for some users.

    Bug Fixes:

    • Implemented a potential fix to the CAM freezing issues related to AMD CPUs being reported by many users involving a conflict with other running apps.

    • Fixed a potential memory leak.

    • Fixed an issue with high storage drive usage.


    • Added functionality to gracefully handle errors during the auto-update process. This should address the issue some users were experiencing with freezing during the updating process. Added status messaging during the auto-updating process.

    • Functionality was improved to check for CAM process conflicts. If detected, CAM will show a dialog asking users to close the process. This should help mitigate the “Failed to communicate to device” status message that users sometimes encounter.

    • Added a potential fix to some of the freezing issues users are reporting. We do not expect this to resolve every user’s issue, but we’re confident it helps most. We will continue to work to find the full resolution to this issue.

  • Danny Ng commented
    2 Sep 07:33am

    I experience this freeze recently. Mouse moves, nothing clickable, keyboard does not work. Screen still shows cursor moving. Must hard power off to restart. Please fix!

  • Doug Jacobs commented
    2 Sep 01:30am

    @imi - see here. Not my video, but same thing that I experience several times a day.

  • Imi commented
    2 Sep 12:04am

    ? Can you make a video of this? There are multiple stutter/freeze sources according to forums. Some people say it's ftpm being enabled and disabling it makes it go away, but this is the first time I hear about CAM causing anything

  • Doug Jacobs commented
    1 Sep 01:56pm

    @NZXT, any updates?

    Otherwise, it looks like Rakuten is doing 8% cash back at - seems like a viable solution for solving this problem!

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