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NZXT CAM Ryzen 7 3700x Freeze Merged

I created a profile just to add to everything else. NZXT time and time again crashes my pc. Update after update goes by and the software still crashes the pc. How is this not fixed yet? Can't even restart. Have to hard shut down. It amazes me how such a problem can still persist.
  • Joseph Reinke
  • Oct 17 2021
  • Shipped
  • Carolyn Stocki commented
    3 Nov, 2021 01:35am


    We have been working on resolving these issues, and believe we have a fix for it currently in testing in Beta CAM. You can download our Beta at the bottom of THIS PAGE (

    If you are still experiencing inaccuracies in either the CPU clock speed or CPU temperature reading in the Beta, please let us know.

    We have an ongoing thread on Reddit in order to organize these reports and more effectively communicate to you as we resolve these issues. You can find it HERE (

    We greatly appreciate your patience while we resolve these issues, and hope to continue to hear feedback.

    CAM Product Manager

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