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Fix Cam Freezing Ryzen Systems Merged

I bought many NZXT products such as the h710i case, 4 aer rgb 2 fans, Z73 liquid cooler and the internal usb 2.0 hub. I'm very disappointed to say that I cannot use half of these products properly because the NZXT cam software freezes my computer every time I open a game or startup my computer. I bought my new pc back in February and I expected the problem to be fixed by now but the new cam software updates haven't addressed the problem at all. my bestfriend also bought a pc recently and bought the kraken x53 cooler that comes with rgb fans but neither can he control them through the software because cam messes his computer up too. this problem is flying under the radar of not only the NZXT developers but also the community, many people struggle to find the reason to why their computer freezes and even rma or buy new parts not knowing its a simple software problem. It took me alone 3 weeks to find a single reddit comment that suggested I uninstall cam and it fixed all my problems which shocked me. I since then reinstalled cam twice throughout the months only to discover the problem hasn't been fixed or addressed and I'm deeply disappointed with the NZXT developers because I really admire their products and their usefulness but currently they are dysfunctional and a waste of money to many people with Ryzen systems. Sorry for the harsh tone but this problem needs to be fixed as soon as possible.

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  • Jul 5 2021
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