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Kraken Z73 suddenly stopped working Also high CPU usage and memory usage

Hi, I have had the Z73 for many months suddenly today it stopped working, I uninstalled NZXT CAM and reinstalled still same CAM software doesnt start but I see 5 NZXT CAM processes running in task manager

So installed NZXT CAM Beta and that works, Also why in Processes I see 5 NZXT CAM beta running using 5-15% cpu on idle ? and using up total of around 477mb memory ? I turned most things off in Cam settings


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  • Apr 3 2021
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  • James Rinkel commented
    29 Jun 12:38am

    got the problem with z73 not recognized. Software reports my cooler as Z3 instead of Z73.

  • Alberto Ranieri commented
    13 Apr, 2021 07:33am

    I have the exactly same problem, for 3-4 days after installing the Z53 everything was fine and CAM started properly at startup showing info on the pump monitor. Now it wont start in any way, it remain in task manager but i cannot get access to it even if i turn off and then turn on manually the story doesn't change.

    I contacted NZXT support and still not received any response, i think i will give it back, even if it is a software problem i paid a lot of money for it, its just ridiculous.

  • Daniel Kröhl commented
    7 Apr, 2021 10:12am

    I've the memory usage Problem with systems of a couple of customers and aswell in my system. At a customer the memory usage reached yesterday +3GB!

    All Systems with Ryzen 5000 CPUs and Nvidia GPUs.

    My System: AMD Ryzen 5900, Nvidia 3090 with Kraken Z93

  • Guest commented
    3 Apr, 2021 12:21pm

    Look at the memory used ??

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