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Cam Kraken display goes wrong when PC comes out of sleep

I've a newly built PC with the CAM software freshly loaded onto it. I set up the Kraken display to cycle through CPU/GPU Temp, CPU/GPU utilization, Liquid Temp on a carousel every 5 seconds. When the PC comes out of Sleep mode the carousel display flicks through these three views quickly, cycling all three within a second, and continues at this pace. The only way to restore the normal 5 second cycle is to use the CAM software to amend the carousel timing to say 10s then back to 5s, however when this occurs the Cam software still shows the carousel as 5s even though it isn't doing this.

Asus Z790-A WiFi Motherboard, Intel i9-13900, Kraken 360 RGB, Cam v4.53.2

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  • Aug 20 2023
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