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Stop auto update

My reddit post on the failed 4.26.0 update says enough (also see all other reply's in this topic):

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Stop the annoying auto updates. I forgot to print some files, turn on my pc in the middle of the night and find my fans and lightning not working. Some manual reboots and power downs later i disable the NZXT process and try to manually load it.. and even later i come here to see you AGAIN installed a stealth FORCED update which DESTROYS a good working setup again....

Your company makes such nice hardware but fails big time in there forced software. I will NEVER EVER Recommend this forced software to anyone...

So to avoid this failure we have to reinstall the software and to avoid even more problems we need to clean the system of all leftover NZXT files else we can have a whole new world of problems (see my post history about random spinning fans, systems crashes etc etc).

And when we cleaned our system of all leftover files and reinstalled NZXT we lose our lightning settings, fan settings and all other saved NZXT data...

So lovely to spend 45 minutes and still not have it like i used to (can't remember my perfect fan curve anymore)...

Thanks again for this FORCED update.. The one who reads this forum must be the one who writes this software cause the last couple of years there has been to many problems and any other software engineer would long be fired...

So cya next week when you force a fix in a new patch and which for some reason destroys something again...

Why o Why o Why force us every time to trouble shoot or have little bugs for new software build you force to use for hardware which probably not have been changed (its not like i change my watercooling every week).

STOP THIS and gives us a option to stop the auto updating.

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  • Jul 30 2021
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  • Guest commented
    2 Jun 07:13pm

    it was finaly working and now i get the new update and my nzxt fan controllor is being turned of every 5 minutes again.

    and i had once contact with support and they would send a new controllor and that also never happend

  • Guest commented
    30 Jun, 2023 11:45pm

    i just stopped fixing it after updates and have given up on your company

  • Matt Ross commented
    17 Aug, 2021 10:48pm

    YES! We had to pay the hefty price tag just to end not be given full control over our product and our PC. I'm not asking for your CAM source code (I think nobody does, since it's hot cr@p), I'm just asking not to do harmful stuff like unrequested updates.

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