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Investigation for CAM software which causing huge input lag

CAM software introduces a huge input lag while playing games from both mouse and keyboard. The input lag is measured in seconds, example - I press strafe left and then release and press strafe right, however, I am still strafin lefr for another 1-2 seconds. Same with mouse when pressing button to scope or fire.

I have to mention, that as soon as I exit CAM, everything restores to normal. I have recently installed Kraken Z73 and 7 AER RGB v2 fans with fan controller and I am not able to use it properly because of input lag introfuced by CAM. I appreciate all the good work you are doing, however, the core software needs to be fixed. Thanks

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  • Mar 27 2021
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  • Jeff Gorndt commented
    28 Mar, 2021 01:43pm

    Hi! What game is this occurring in? Have you submitted a customer service ticket regarding this issue? Do you have a ticket number? If so, I can look at the logs and see if I can find this issue. It doesn't occur on my computer and I haven't heard of it happening on any others.