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Windows 10: XBox Game Bar support

While using controller in fullscreen gaming. It's very handy to observe or set lighting and fan speed in Xbox game bar (Win+G) Microsoft Xbox Game bar.

User story:

  • Be able to observe or set fan(s) speed in Xbox Game Bar menu.

  • Be able to observe or set CAM-lighing in Xbox Game Bar menu.

  • Optional: NZXT CAM App in Widget store.

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  • Kishanth
  • Mar 23 2021
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  • Goshal Kaba commented
    30 Jul 08:53am

    Yes, setting the lights in Game-Bar is a big plus!

  • Jeff Gorndt commented
    28 Mar 01:47pm

    Thank you for the suggestion! We've done some small investigation of Game Bar in the past, but we'll return to look at it again in with the use cases you've described.

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