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CAM Software Frozen/Not Working Upon PC Wake From Sleep

When my PC comes out of sleep mode, after it's been a sleep for awhile, the CAM software shows that it's running in the taskbar, but opening CAM results in a blank window.

Also, the GIF I have applied to my Kraken Elite does not show up. Only the default liquid temp is displayed. I have to exit CAM from the taskbar and reopen it to get things working again.

If I put my PC to sleep and then wake it only a moment later, this doesn't seem to happen.

Some system info:

Windows 11 Pro (all latest updates)

Kraken Elite 280 RGB (Firmware version

RGB Controller (Firmware version 1.5)

CAM version 4.61.6

  • Joshua
  • Mar 1 2024
  • Needs Review
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  • L S commented
    13 Apr 06:41pm

    It's been happening for me as well ever since last update, been asking around forums and no one from support answers :(

  • L S commented
    11 Apr 02:12pm

    Same issue ever since the last update, pls help

  • Daniel Vega commented
    29 Mar 12:35am

    Identical issue here. Any solution?

  • Guest commented
    12 Mar 06:56pm

    +1 same exact thing

    Windows 11 pro latest release
    Kraken 360 Elite Firmware 2.0.11

    CAM version 4.61.7

  • Guest commented
    12 Mar 02:42pm

    Having the same issue. Any fix/guidance would be greatly appreciated!

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