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Cursor Flicker

CAM update causes cursor flicker. Confirmed by multiple other users on Reddit.

Seems to affect both CAM and CAM Beta

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  • Oct 23 2021
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  • Tom Jager commented
    30 Nov 09:11am

    same issue here on windows 11 (22000.318) with cam stable (4.30.2)

  • Guest commented
    25 Nov 03:06am

    same problem with hue 2 ambient light

  • Brukerfeil commented
    23 Nov 05:35pm

    I can also confirm the problem. Once "Ambient Mode" is turned on i CAM, the cursor starts flickering. Interestingly, only on my main monitor.

  • Guest commented
    18 Nov 06:20pm

    same problem, makes pc performance shit too. Also have freezing problem with wallpaper engine on beta and stable release. Thought it was VC2015-2019 and DotNetSDK and thought i ruled out nzxt. Might still be cam.

  • Andreas Helfrich commented
    15 Nov 01:02pm

    Had the same problem ... I now have Beta 4.30.2 on it and the problem is gone

  • Eric Conrad commented
    9 Nov 11:42pm

    Confirmed on fresh install of windows 10 and windows 11 as of today on the latest version of CAM. Hue 2 ambient

  • Timur Erdogan commented
    8 Nov 02:01pm

    I can confirm this Flickr when hue2 ambient mode on

  • Bartłomiej Sondej commented
    8 Nov 07:30am
    I have this problem after hue 2 ambient kit connected. When I off ambient Mode cursor back to normal.
  • Erick Ruiz commented
    7 Nov 09:30pm

    I have same problem

  • Bartłomiej Sondej commented
    7 Nov 07:22pm
    I have same problem
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