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GPU Load show 0

GPU Load show 0 on Overlay and Mini Mode, when Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling is enabled. pls fix it.

  • Mathias Gehrke
  • Jul 18 2021
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  • Ahmet Sevim commented
    19 Jul, 2022 07:47pm

    Solved with the last update. Thanks for your effort...

  • Ahmet Sevim commented
    18 Feb, 2022 06:32am

    Please inform us, what does " needs review" mean? It still shows zero fro z53 kraken.

  • Ahmet Sevim commented
    3 Feb, 2022 08:07am

    Hi any news about this issue. ıt shows still zero with v4.33.1 Please solve this issue

  • Harrison Tanne commented
    2 Feb, 2022 01:59am

    I can't believe this is still an issue after a year.

    GPU Load reads 0%

    NZXT Cam Software shows GPU Load=0%, but it actually shows the game I'm playing beneath that with a percentage ex~ game_dx11 31%

    Please release a patch and fix this. Other software doesn't have this problem

  • Simon Sachakov commented
    28 Jan, 2022 03:54pm

    please fix this issue via update

  • Guest commented
    21 Jan, 2022 03:33pm

    This is taking too long to fix guys

  • Ahmet Sevim commented
    20 Jan, 2022 10:40am

    Any news? İt still shows zero (0) for gpu load ( win11 single, amd ryzen 5600x , asus rog strix 3060Ti v2 lhr, z53 kraken )

  • Guest commented
    12 Jan, 2022 01:13pm

    This is still relevant 6mo later, come on guys...

  • Joe commented
    5 Nov, 2021 06:26pm

    Other software like GFE, RTSS and alike can read it perfectly with HAGS enabled.
    With CAM it is a a matter of replacing the ancient plugin with something newer that works.
    Several people including me reported it back in time, still nothing has been done, wtf?!

  • Ahmet Sevim commented
    21 Oct, 2021 07:15pm

    I have the same issue...

  • Andy F commented
    18 Sep, 2021 06:20am

    Is this still being looked into? The workaround of turning off Hardware GPU scheduling, which does work, but is not really an option given the performance decrease associated with it in some software.

    Is this only in the BETA? Does it work in the live software?

  • Alejo MF commented
    8 Sep, 2021 12:34am

    Toggle Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling in off. an reset pc

  • Chris Stansell commented
    28 Aug, 2021 03:07am

    Turned it off in mini mode and downloaded MSI so I can see GPU info. Annoying having to run 2 apps to keep monitoring tools open.

  • Guest commented
    22 Jul, 2021 10:14am

    Having similar issue. no idea if it's because hwscheduling though, haven't tried disabling it yet. NZXT need to keep their shiz together i swear.

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