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Feature Request: H1 V2 AIO pump speed control via CAM

Could you let customers control the AIO pump speeds themselves via CAM with a warning of sorts?

The high pitch sound of 4000+ rpm at low cpu loads at idle is a little bit annoying, sadly. The temps are amazing while gaming, but it needn't be at the same 100% pump speed when I'm typing a word document.

People have started to mod the cables themselves to circumvent this as there is no ordinary AIO-cable directly to the motherboard in the packaged psu+aio+case combo of the NZXT H1 V2.

Before losing my warranty like this I would love to simply be allowed to do so via software like CAM, as I would otherwise do, if the AIO would be connected to my motherboard via AIO Pin and not via the proprietary 5-pin-USB connector.

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  • Sep 16 2023
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