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NZXT Cable Guard CAM Controlled ARGB LED

In the slot of the white cable guard in the H-Series cases, an LED strip (of appropriate size) can be easily affixed to the backside of the cable guard slot. Ideally, this would be able to daisy chain off a Smart Device v2 RGB panel and controlled by seperately by CAM. Would make for a great audio level, CPU/GPU/PCIe/NVMe temp, network speed, of WIFI strength meter. Instead of the standard all lit LEDS, make them sequential like an LED VU/strength meter display, as well as, the graudation of color representation. This can be easily retrofitted to all H-Series cases already in the field, as well as, upcoming cases and BLD computers, and can work with a MB or with a CAM update.

In the attached files, I mocked up a EKWB EK-Loop D-RGB LED Strip, 180mm (Model #:3831109824016 $6) using a the loop side of a 1" wide velcro strip with the adhesive backing (see 2nd photo). The LEDS (SMD) are about half a millimeter from friction fitting flush into the NZXT cable guard slot. They can be gently filed with a hobbiest file for a square and flush fit. I chose not to do so as I plan on placing an opaque strip between the slot and the LED strip for more diffused lighting. The strip is connected to a JRAINBOW header on my MSI Tomahawk x570 MB and controlled by Mystic Light. The video has the LED strip set to the Movie audio setting within the latest Mystic.

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  • Aug 9 2021
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