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Suggestion of a new Tempered glass case - Full tower but extra width

I will admit I do love the 820 Matte Series full tower case but I'm hoping to see something similar at that height with one of two DVD drives and the rest all tempered glass on the front and side of the case.

However there is a small request. I would like like to see that if the case can be expanded at least one or two inches to the left so that there is plenty of ventilation for the cooling and hardware.

And have the hard drives bays further away from the video cards because have been noticing the video cards are getting larger in length. Just like how tight you can see the 4080 Super can fit in the case.

Have two fans on the front of the case, maybe three. Double or Triple fans support on the top for the cooling with six USB ports. I like the current cover of the 820 Matte on the top. No need for the door on the front.

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  • May 20 2024
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