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CAM do not show Kraken 360 RGB

Dear NZXT Forum Community,

I am writing to express my extreme dissatisfaction with a recent NZXT product experience. After investing €220 in a water cooling system, I am baffled and frustrated by its malfunction. Despite my BIOS recognizing the device correctly, NZXT's CAM software reports that no devices have been found. This discrepancy is not only disappointing but also unacceptable for a product at this price point.

Adding insult to injury, my attempt to resolve this issue through customer support has been met with silence. My email inquiry was completely ignored, leaving me with a non-functional product and no support.

Given this experience, I feel compelled to advise against NZXT products. It's disheartening to see such a lack of responsiveness and support for a premium-priced item. I had high expectations for NZXT, but this experience has significantly diminished my trust in their products and customer service.

I hope this message serves as a warning to potential NZXT customers and a call to action for NZXT to address their support and product quality issues.

Sincerely, RM

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  • Feb 20 2024
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