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NZXT CAM intercepts USB MIDI

I enjoy using CAM. I like the display on my pump and seeing my PC resources all the time. I have run into an issue while trying to use a MIDI Interface (MOTU microlite) to play music with external hardware. I had reinstalled the drivers for the interface many times, tested multiple Digital Audio Workstation softwares, and finally I had a solution when I contacted MOTU, the company that my MIDI Interface is made by.

The issue was astonishingly NZXT CAM. I never would have guessed. I figured I had some other music app in the background that had my MIDI Interface hungup, but nope. It was very odd because my Interface was showing in device manager with no errors and also showing in my DAW (Ableton Live 11): all ports ready and seemingly available in the preferences window, however when trying to send MIDI to it nothing would happen. The Interface has LEDs to indicate whether MIDI is coming or going and none of them would light up.

Also important to note: I knew it wasn't my USB MIDI keyboard as I was able to play virtual instruments in Ableton Live. Secondly I knew my interface wasn't broken because I tested this exact same hardware configuration on a different computer and it worked right away! So I knew my hardware was fine and that it was just something sneaky on my PC that wouldn't let me play music.

When speaking to MOTU tech support, NZXT CAM was the second recommendation he brought up. I guess this has happened plenty of times before. I disabled NZXT CAM but the annoying part is I cannot just shut CAM down in my windows session. I have to disable it from running on startup, then reboot and then I can use my MIDI interface. This is a bummer because I like having it run on startup. I like seeing what's going on with my PC and I like the silly little display on the pump with the CATJAM GIF bobbing it's head reassuring me that everything is cool, fine and dandy. I hope NZXT will find a fix for this in the future.

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  • Nov 14 2023
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