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Run multiple Nzxt (single on every user) simultaneously


Currently there is a bug when you try to run Nzxt on another windows profile while it was already run (on startup or manually opened) you will NZXT Cam_helper.exe error. As far as I found it works good only if there's one user. If there are multiple simultaneous users, on every next user you will get error: "NZXT CAM NZXT CAM can not start while cam_helper.exe is running. Please close cam_helper.exe first."

The best thing it would be to have possiblity on every user to modify it's own LEDs (and on administrative users to modify fans and critical assets).


On every other windows profile (including administrative ones and standard ones) nzxt fans are taking bios settings - cousing pc to be very loud

In scenario when second/next user choose to open nzxt cam software will get error (becouse w11 currently is not logging out almost never accounts so cam_helper.exe opened by autorun nzxt cam from primiary promfile stays always in background)


1) Bring cam_helper.exe to be used by every user on current pc.

2) When nzxt service asks for cam_helper and looks for process then it can kill it to reopen it as current windows profile (it would be needed on every relog and after pc reboot)

3) Correct app to opens on every windows profile and loads up nzxt cam profile per every windows user.


1) To have possiblity to set nzxt cam fan curves on every profile (wife is asking why on her profile pc is so laud - becouse only on mine windows profile nzxt cam works)

2) To have possibity to block or even by default to be grayed out: fan curves and other critical assets on standard (non administrative) accounts (to block kids form messing arround aio pump and fan speeds - not to burn CPU/GPU)

3) Have possiblity to set app to open minimized to task bar even when its opened manually (not as widnows startup)

  • Jan Baniewicz
  • Oct 31 2023
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  • Jan Baniewicz commented
    2 Nov, 2023 12:28pm

    Besides currently whole idea of NZXT CAM profiles is pointless. If there can be only one user to use it. OK can set christmas profile, or hardcore gaming profile but thats it. Kinda useless if you already made perfect fan curves.

    NZXT Is made especially for home usage (specs/materials/look - is not made for business/enterprise level). Therefore in case of one pc for home persons let's sey 1 male 1 female and 1-3 kids. Every of them got their own accounts on Windows with privileges set. Adults admins, kids standard account.

    On my windows profile there is Nzxt Cam in startup (so she can't turn it on without killing all Nzxt Cam processes) and fan curves loads immediately in my case (go almost silent). But on every other windows profiles this pis is just loud.

    If everyone of windows users would autorun with startup then:

    1) fans wouldn't overthrottle as basic bios settings but would immediately adapt to curves set in nzxt cam (i would be glad to see option to disable possiblity to change those form standard accounts, but still have option to set it thru profile in Cam software or from administrative account) (to prevent kids messing with pc to burn out CPU and GPU)

    2) Every user could have his own led configurations - ie princess pinkies for small girls/ colors related to favorite movies / or even Christmas seasonal colors...

  • Jan Baniewicz commented
    2 Nov, 2023 12:08pm

    I've created a partial solution and also wrote it on reddit over here:

    So to use it on many accounts simultaniously found a solution, but it needs those accounts to be administrative. It will give possibility to automatically run profiles/fan curves/led settings per user. It will also removes error box of CAM_helper.exe unable to run.

    To run whenever you unlock account (doesn't matter is it first log in after shutdown/reboot or just relog to account whitch is already logged in) you have to:

    0. Run NZXT Cam under Setting in General tab untick start NZXT CAM on Windows Startup and tick Minimize NZXT CAM to tray when closing and Start NZXT CAM minimized when launching on Windows Startup

    1. Create batch file:

    1.1 Open notepad and paste (without "") (this is to kill any opened nzxt cam software with 2s delay becouse of other services and after 3 sec of delay open nzxt cam software once more) "@echo off timeout /t 2 /nobreak taskkill /f /im "NZXT CAM.exe" timeout /t 3 /nobreak Start "" "C:\Program Files\NZXT CAM\NZXT CAM.exe" exit"

    1.2 Save it as NZXTRelease.bat (without .txt extension)

    2.1 Create vbs file (this is to wrap cmd line box - without this file after logging in you will see cmd box with countdowns)

    2.2 Open notepad and paste (without "") "CreateObject("Wscript.Shell").Run """C:\Program Files\NZXT CAM\NZXTRelease.bat""", 0, True"

    2.3 Save it as NZXTFree.vbs (without .txt extension)

    2.4 Move both files NZXTRelease and NZXTFree to C:\Program Files\NZXTRelease\ (or whateber else folder, don't move to NZXT CAM folder directly becouse on every autoupdate of software it cleans up whole folder)

    3.1 Creating Sheduled task (to autorun this each account unlock)

    3.2 Open START, type "Task Sheduler" and run program with clock icon

    3.3 On right tab click on "Create task..."

    3.4 In general tab: Name:NZXT Releaser - (current user name); Discription: Task for killing and reopening NZXT Cam Software"; When running the task, use the following user accunt: (Pick current user here); tick on Run only when user is logged on; tick on Run with highest privileges

    3.5 In triggers tab: Click on New... in Start task choose "When unlocking workstation" then select specified user and select current one then click on New... again and select "At log on" and select specified user to select current one

    3.6 In actions tab: New... Action: run program; in program/script: select wscript.exe in add arguments paste "C:\Program Files\NZXT CAM\NZXTFree.vbs"

    3.7 Rest tabs doesn't matter so click ok to save task.

    3.8 Right click on new task NZXT Releaser and turn it on, again right click on it and run (check does "pink N" icon in taskbar disappears for few second and then appear again if yes it working for you.

    4.1 To get this working on other accounts, check if those have administrative rights then log on them run manualy NZXTFree and NZXTRelease as administrator to check are those working if yes do step 0 and step 3.

    Until 4.57.3 version it worked smoothly, from 4.58.1 option to run minimized in settings just dont work, so after every log on you have to click x to minimize it to taskbar.

  • Jan Baniewicz commented
    2 Nov, 2023 11:29am
    Ok so far, 4.58.1 has messed up. Now I can't manage with my VBS and batch file to force minimize window. New initial screen with update logo opens up Nzxt Cam app but marked tick in setting to open up minimized just dont work anymore. Any one know how to get this working?
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