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Kraken 280 bug occuring on power loss

Kraken 280 - Following a power loss event, if the UEFI settings are configured to automatically power on the PC, the pump operates at a constant, unmodifiable speed of 3000rpm. This issue can only be resolved by shutting down the PC and turning it on again.

However, if the UEFI settings are adjusted to remain in a shutdown state after a power loss a brief glimpse of the pump screen with the boot logo is visible upon the power is restored, then you can push the power button and the pump functions normally.

This same behavior occurs when the ErP (Energy-related Products) feature is enabled in UEFI.

I assume that the pump is not booting fast enough and stays in some fail-safe state.

I hopeful that this issue can be resolved through a BIOS update for the Kraken, since I rely on this functionality for remote PC wake-up

  • Mindaugas Jocionis
  • Sep 14 2023
  • Needs Review
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