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Z53 Kraken shows on Cam,not showing the fans

Case H9 elite , i have 6 120mm F series Fans

3no Rgb with the case, 1 non rgb also was supplied

Z53 fans replaced with F rgb 2 on the kraken aio, 1 spare sits below

also i have 2 F140 rgb fans total in case 9

3no 120mm and 2no 140 are connected to the Controller

Motherboard Msi MPG X570s Carbon max wifi with only usb 2.0 headers

below connected via a Nzxt internal usb 2.0 hub to 1 header

3no 120 connected to the lighting controller that was supplied with the fans

and the supplied Rgb/fan controller

the other is the kraken z53 aio

Nzxt cam shows on cooling the Kraken z53 fan and pump

on lighting is the LCD display

All 8 fans are static white and do not show in the cam lighting section

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  • Sep 10 2023
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