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Please add Hardware Acceleration function switch in CAM

As the title.

Let user decide Hardware Acceleration use or not by ourself.

Sometimes just only start NZXT CAM, but GPU usage very high.

I think Hardware Acceleration actived.

So add the switch let me close it.


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  • Jul 26 2023
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  • Bas Koens commented
    26 Aug 06:29am

    CAM used to actually have that option in the Settings under the General tab.

    I ran into a couple of issues with Desktop Window Manager in W10 having insane gpu usage so I decided to disable Hardware Acceleration in every app, tool or browser I could think of to see what would happen and how my pc would run without but now I see the option was removed from CAM settings. The weird thing is that CAM does show up in Task Manager as still using 'GPU engine' - 'GPU1-3D' non-stop. After I found out the setting was gone I started looking for something like a .ini file to turn it off that way but I couldn't find one so I ended up here.

    So my request is the same as the one in the topic above, please give us back the option. I can't think of any valid reason to turn on a function and then remove the ability to turn it off when there's a problem.