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Latest cam update V4.52.1

Hi there,

So since I got forced to auto-update cam software to version 4.52.1 I couldn't switch between the options for my kraken z73 display. It was stuck on the web integration option which I don't even want to use. Everytime i tried to switch a setting in CAM the app just shut off. So after uninstalling the software completly from my pc and reinstalling it, it fixed the issue which I mention above. But there is a new issue now, for some reason my fans or not working as they were before reinstalling and the temperatures of my cpu are fluctuating way more then before. So for example when I launched warzone the fans in my pc started working harder and now when I start the game the fans are not responding?

Can you maybe roll out an update so we can use the older version of cam when you try and fix the 4.52.1 version? Or even better let us pick the version we want to use and don't make us auto update the software.

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  • Jul 3 2023
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