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Proposal for Enhancing Macro Functionality in NZXT Keyboards

Hello esteemed NZXT community and team,

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out today to humbly submit a proposal for the enhancement of macro functionality within NZXT keyboards. As an avid user and enthusiast of gaming peripherals, I have observed a few areas in which NZXT’s macro system could potentially be improved for an even more streamlined and efficient user experience.

For years, I was a dedicated user of Logitech peripherals and became accustomed to the versatility of their macro system. Having recently made the switch to NZXT, I must commend the overall quality and performance of your products. However, I believe there is room for further refinement in the macro department, as outlined below:

  1. Batch Timer Adjustment: I suggest implementing a feature that allows users to adjust the timers of multiple actions in a macro simultaneously. This would greatly streamline the macro creation process, particularly for complex configurations.

  2. Expanded Action Triggers: There should be an option to designate actions based on different key states, such as “On Press,” “While Holding,” and “On Release.” This feature would enable more dynamic and responsive macro behavior.

  3. Looping While Holding: The ability to set a macro to loop continuously while a key is held down is a valuable addition. This would allow for rapid repetition of actions, which can be incredibly useful in various applications and games.

  4. Reduced Minimum Timer Interval: The current 20ms minimum timer interval between actions should be reconsidered. Reducing this to 0ms or 1ms would allow for much faster and more precise action sequences, essential for high-performance use cases.

Collectively, these enhancements could significantly bolster the NZXT macro system’s capabilities, catering to a broader range of user needs and preferences. It is my hope that the NZXT team will consider these recommendations, and I am open to providing further insights or engaging in a dialogue on this topic.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to the continued evolution of NZXT products.

Warm regards

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  • Jun 21 2023
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