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CAM 4.40.0 login issue in China

There is a login problem when users trying to login their latest updated CAM software(version 4.40.0) in mainland China.

The login mechanism on latest CAM version (4.40.0) appears to be changing.

After clicking the login button on CAM, it redirected to web page ''.

No response after clicking the 'Allow' button via regular network in China.

My current solution is by using VPN software. It will do the trick.

CAM Login successfully without any obstacles.

But, after I shutdown and restart my computer, CAM will back to not logged in status.

I have to use VPN again to login CAM. Because all my CAM settings are unavailable in visitor mode.

Not every NZXT customers/CAM users in China are able to use VPN all the time.

I speak for all NZXT customers/CAM users with the same login issue in China.

Would you please consider solving this login problem in China?

  • Yun Z
  • Oct 26 2022
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