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NZXT CAM Messes up CPU Temp Monitoring

I have had an almost identical experience to Victor Torrey (as he reported on 22 Nov 2021) with my new Kraken Z73. Everything was OK until I installed and ran the latest NZXT CAM software. When I ran CAM, the CPU temperature was stuck on 67°, and the fans sounded like a jet engine. The temperature was shown as 67° in Aida64 as well. Like Victor Torrey, I could only fix it by shutting down, waiting, then restarting. Aida64 then showed the temperature correctly, until I ran NZXT CAM again, when the trouble started al over again.

I have uninstalled CAM and I'm using Dragon Center, but I would like to display the CPU temp on the cooler head. That is not possible without running CAM.

My system:

Kraken Z73

Processor: RYZEN 9 5950X

Motherboard: MSI B550-A PRO AMD Ryzen ATX Motherboard

Memory: 32GB DDR4 2666Mhz High Performance Gaming RAM

Graphics Card: NVIDIA Quadro RTX 4000 8GB 2304 CUDA Core VR Ready

  • Andre Scheffer
  • Dec 2 2021
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  • Andre Scheffer commented
    3 Dec, 2021 04:23am

    On further investigation, it seems that the problem may be due to an issue with the MSI B550-A PRO motherboard, so I have contacted MSI for support. They have suggested clearing the BIOS and perhaps also updating the AMD Chipset Driver.

    So, I apologise if I have blamed the NZXT CAM software unfairly in my ignorance!