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Cam cannot read correct GPU temps when using two small USB monitors

I have a 3090 FE when idle I hit 40c and when gaming I hit about 66c.

I just added two USB monitors and when I turn them on at idle I hit 415c on Cam while on my own system monitor soft wear I hit 41c. the cooling fan on the GPU does not turn on which indicates that GPU is within correct temperature , when gaming it shoots up to 476c. on cam software

I think it's a glitch in your software

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  • Oct 30 2021
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    30 Oct, 2021 12:53pm

    So I have 1 main monitor and two USB monitors when ever I plug the two USB monitors on the GPU cam temperature reading will display incorrectly i,e 476c when it should be reading 66c.

    When I unlpug the two USB monitors the readings return to normal. seems that the Cam software is getting confused .