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Allow other apps to monitor NZXT devices - Aida64 Sensor Panel

I use Aida64 for an external display of various sensors. Temps from NZXT devices are not available because CAM, appears, to take almost exclusive control of all NZXT devices.

I can display the pump and fan speed, but I would like to show the temperatures as seen in CAM. If CAM is closed, temperatures are available.

Keeping CAM closed is not why I installed it. Any chance the exclusivity can be loosened up?

Again, I am not asking for NZXT to do any integration with any other app. I am asking for the sensors for NZXT products to be readable by another app.

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  • Oct 3 2021
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  • Manuel Garcia commented
    23 Sep, 2023 02:59am

    Any news on this?

  • Jan Wiegand commented
    30 Nov, 2021 11:28am

    Same here. I use Kraken Z53 and Z53 in different PCs and Aida64 for GOverlay as second monitor for temp controlling....

  • Casey Goltz commented
    30 Nov, 2021 10:37am

    NZXT used to not interfere with external monitoring. Now, as soon as CAM is launched, I cannot monitor my z73 though any means other than CAM. My Aida64 monitoring panel just shows N/A on graphs, and the fans, pump, temp etc. of the z73 disappear from the list of available sensors.. As soon as CAM is closed, it works fine again. Given CAM is required to be running for the display on the cooler to function properly, it's very frustrating.

    This is a new development that has occurred recently, and should be reverted. If this is NZXT trying to force monitoring through CAM rather than allowing other utilities, please know that there will always be legitimate reasons to use other monitoring, for either commercial or personal reasons.

    Please do not allow your software to interfere with hardware monitoring.

  • Greg Thompson commented
    4 Oct, 2021 11:22am

    I also use AIDA64 I would also like to see this.

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