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Allow fan speed mapping to liquid temp

Hello, Please consider adding the option to map fan speed curves to water temp. Right now I have the option to map the pump RPM, but fans are limited to GPU or CPU core temp only. It doesnt make sense to ramp up the radiator fans based on brief CPU temp spikes if the water temp remains low. This would be a great feature and would fix one of my major complaints about the Kraken system.

Thank you for your time!

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  • Mar 11 2021
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  • Zoran Ravic commented
    21 Aug 10:35am

    This is such a fundamental feature.

    I get that controlling motherboard fans would require testing with a lot of different motherboards, but if your fans are designed to be plugged into the mobo then it seems ridiculous that I have to download third party sofrware which ofc can only read cpu temp.

  • Valentin Marinescu commented
    27 Jun 11:33pm

    +1 to this, newer models on which one uses fan controller do not have this option, been waiting for 1+ years for this, not even a peep

  • Nol commented
    10 Jun 10:59pm

    We just need acces to the water temp for fan curves, that is all. we don't need connectors, we don't need the 100 dollar higher priced model, just acces to info already available to the pump to be shared with fan settings in CAM.

  • Carlos Puig commented
    1 Jun 08:52pm

    it´s so an easy feature to implement and a lot of ppl like this idea, but it´s not event in review or need review to maked.

  • Guest commented
    27 May 05:17pm

    It is available in the X52, X62, X72 series, but not in the new X53, X63, X73 series.

    With the Xx2 series you can connect the fans directly to the pump and control it from there, in the Xx3 series, you have to buy the separate RGB and Fan control, but it doesn't allow liquid temperature control straight from CAM.

  • Andrew commented
    4 May 08:46pm

    Support suggested that "Already exists" mean that idea is already posted not that the feature exists.

  • Andrew commented
    26 Apr 12:39pm

    Well, since it is marked as already exists, it means it must be a bug that it doesn't work with my setup, so I've created a ticket for support to make it work (ticket #937362). 17 days and counting :)

  • Nol commented
    25 Apr 06:43pm

    This was disappointing to learn that not even their own fancontroller can be set to use liquid temps instead of CPU/GPU, resulting in a wavy fan usage or set up for higher average temps in general. Not ideal. Seems like they reserved this for their higher priced items, which is a slap in the face to consumers.

    It is mentioned on the Xx3-product pages, but barely stressed, and it seems to be a software limit rather than hardware (if you can read temps, you could do curves for it).

    Would love to see this show up.

  • Guest commented
    24 Apr 06:30pm

    Just got the fan controller to achieve exactly this, disappointed to find it cannot be done. Using the X63. Voted.

  • Carlos Puig commented
    29 Mar 11:21pm

    I have the X53 and that fan output do not exist. The box only came with the USB conector for the pump and a SATA power cable and no more

  • Andrew commented
    25 Mar 08:48am

    Here are screengrabs of my CAM, I have Kraken X73 which has no way to plug fans to pump controller, you have to plug them to either mobo or controller, I specifically bought NZXT controller AC-2RGBC-B1 to make sure there will be this option... and there is none!

    On screens - pump has liquid, fans do not have this option.

    So THIS IS NOT IMPLEMENTED! Check your own products NZXT!

  • Andrew commented
    25 Mar 08:40am

    I can confirm, it does not exists fo Kraken X73 and AC-2RGBC-B1 controller. Serries Xx3 of Kraken does not allow to connect fans trough pump controller. So the ability to set fans to Liquid temp is not implemented!

  • Andrew Pafitis commented
    25 Mar 08:36am

    Does this already exist? yes and no. The older x53 AIO had a fan output cable to connect directly to the radiator fans. The newer x53 has a 3 pin (2 wire) connection to the motherboard's AIO port, and just a fan splitter to connect the radiator fans to the motherboard cpu port. Because of this, NZXT Cam CANNOT control the fan speed, unless you attach a NZXT fan controller like I've done. However with the fans controlled by the fan controller, NZXT does NOT HAVE the option to assign fan speeds to the LIQUID temps, only the chip temps. "ALREADY EXISTS" IS FALSE FOR THE NEWEST MODELS. Please remove the already exists tag and consider a fix for this.

  • Guest commented
    23 Mar 10:55pm

    I dont seem to have this feature either, even after installing the Beta version. I currently have my X63 fans connected to the RGB and Fan Controller. Does this apply to the newer X63/53 versions?

  • Sig commented
    16 Mar 07:08pm
  • Sig commented
    16 Mar 07:07pm

    Eeerm there is such a thing already. Are you sure you are using the latest version and you are not missing something?

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