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Normalize CAM temp readings with Ryzen Master

I recently upgraded from a 3700X to a 5900X and am noticing a difference in CPU temps between what CAM is reporting and Ryzen Master. There is almost always at a minimum a 8-10 degree difference with temps in Ryzen Master being lower than what CAM reports. During temp spikes the delta grows even more.

I noticed something similar when I first got the 3700X but seemingly had been fixed over time as CAM/Ryzen Master seemed to be much closer in temps.

Most regard Ryzen Master as the most accurate measure for Ryzen processors and makes sense to cool based off of that.

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  • Jul 12 2021
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  • Carolyn Stocki commented
    14 Jan, 2022 11:49pm

    Hello! I believe that this issue has been fixed since this post has been added. If this is still happening, please let us know so we can continue to look into the issue.

    --Carolyn, CAM Product Manager

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