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Expose CAM Triggers and Actions to IFTTT

Specifically, I use Phillips Hue lights extensively in my office but to sync them with my PC, I basically use Stream Deck to manually activate a Phillips theme to match my CAM theme.

Since I use CAM Profiles to often sync with games or time of day. I'd love for CAM to be able to trigger or respond to elements within IFTTT so all of my triggers will work automagically.

Other great use-cases that IFTTT enables:

  • Connect Alexa commands to CAM actions. "Hey Alexa, switch CAM to Mass Effect" or "Hey Alexa, switch CAM to Performance"

  • Connect Dominos so that whenever a game profile is activated, CAM can order gaming snacks for me.

  • When my Nest detects a rise in temperature in the house, CAM can ramp fan speeds to keep my PC cool.

  • If CAM detects various thresholds like internet speed, free space or high temps, send a text message

  • Every time CAM detects an event like a high temp or game played, make a note in my Evernote pad.

  • Sync Nanoleaf Scenes to my CAM Profile (Its like the Hue use-case but ya know...)

Anyway, yes. IFTTT plz.

  • Shawn Borsky
  • May 19 2021
  • Will Not Implement