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Bring back the old Candle mode!

On the NZXT Hue+, the original candlelight mode consisted of LEDs that would flicker faster and more randomly. Their changes in brightness were more subtle and way more pleasing to the eye. It does this by flickering every other LED and keeping the ones in between a solid colour, meaning the flickering is less of an eye-sore and stuttery jumps in brightness are less noticable.

This is unlike the candle mode we have now on the Hue 2 and other recent smart devices. Every LED jumps between a different brightness at the same time. These changes in brightness are quite large, very noticable, stuttery and happen at slow intervals; and overall don't perform as well at simulating a flickering candle flame as the original Hue+ did.

As someone who owns devices in the Hue 2 ecosystem and loves the features they have to offer but is put off by the lackluster candle mode, I'm sure I am not alone in saying that the original candlelight mode was a favourite and simply doesn't compare to the new candle mode that the newer smart devices offer.

  • Dan
  • May 11 2021
  • Will Not Implement
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