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Allow Cooling-tab profiles to use multiple temperature-sources or multiple (overlapping) fan curves

It is currently only possible to use a single fan curve using a single temperature source to control your NZXT fans; either CPU, GPU or AIO Liquid.

However, using an independent sensor to measure ambient case temperature shows that both CPU and GPU-intensive work can raise the case temperature significantly, and in-turn: the system's ability to dissipate heat . This raises problems when the NZXT fans are installed as the main air intake and a process uses the processor that is NOT configured to trigger the fan curve. For example: I have my curve configured for high GPU-usage as that's usually what requires the fans to ramp up (videogames and such), but when I'm not running the GPU and someone starts using Plex (CPU-bound) - the case temperature steadily rises, but the fans don't react.

Proposed fix: allow CAM to configure multiple overlapping fan curves for different temperature sources within the same profile. Always use the highest relevant fan speed %.

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  • May 3 2021
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