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Add DAW's to the "Games List"

Hello! I was told after submitting my idea, a ticket via the CAM App, to submit it here instead. Well, lol, here it is.

As we all know, cam allows a game overlay with a bunch of game titles. It also allows you to let the app know what profiles should run when certain parameters are met. For example, the ability to run Profile A if game X is detected or run profile B if game Z is detected and so on.

My simple idea is to also allow this to be true for Digital Work Stations (DAW's) like FL Studio, Pro Tools, even when running CPU or GPU HEAVY programs like the ADOBE Creative Apps that tend to make your computer heat up.

This will allow tons of things in the user's favor, more importantly in the favor of acoustics and the longevity of our hardware. Letting us keep the computer silent when needed like when mixing and mastering or letting it boost to a performance mode when creating or gaming.

Thanks for listening. That should be a pretty good explanation, I think. Best and hope someone sees this!!!

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  • Apr 3 2021
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