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Lite \ minimal version of CAM that only controls the hardware and nothing else.

I'd really appreciate a version of CAM that is barebones and only includes NZXT hardware controls and nothing else. That means: no account, no game logging, no overclocking, no OSD, no online stuff, just controlling the fans and lights and nothing else. Right now, CAM uses an obscene amount of RAM and takes forever to start up even on my brand new build with a Gen4 NVMe and Ryzen 5600x with 16Gb of RAM.

It's not like I don't have the hardware resources to run CAM, my PC is overkill for everything I do and I have 16Gb of RAM, but it annoys me to have such a bloated program that takes like 30 seconds to load on one of the fastest drives on the market (WD SN850, seriously it takes longer to start CAM than to boot into the OS) when I only need to set a fan curve, dim my leds, and forget about it.

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  • Apr 1 2021
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  • Dom commented
    15 Apr, 2021 05:07pm

    Yep, I just want to set my AIO colour and a basic pump curve.

  • Guest commented
    9 Apr, 2021 06:06pm

    Totally agree with this, I'm very happy with the NZXT hardware I bought (Kraken Z73), but if I knew that for controlling it and reading my temps on the LED screen, I had to install such a bloated program that is flooding the WMI log with errors, is constantly writing to disk, has buffer overflows, eats up huge amounts of RAM and is constantly eating 1-3% CPU time (Ryzen 5600x), I would have never bought this hardware. It's also a bit ironic that in idle mode the top process eating resources in Task manager is actually CAM, while if you look in CAM, CAM itself is not monitored.

    Just a simple program that controls fans and lighting without any logging or profiling or whatever else that is bloating would solve this. Or make CAM modular so that users can opt-in or opt-out in functionality so only the necessary processes run.

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